At the pool, or in the casino…stay energized with pureLYFT!

Yes! You’re enjoying some well-deserved time off at your favorite destination. Time to stay energized!

Whether you’re sightseeing by day, enjoying an afternoon at the pool, hitting the tables or enjoying the nightlife after dark, pureLYFT keeps Young People In The Casino you active and energized! Enjoy pureLYFT energy stir sticks, Clean Caffeine® derived from all-natural green coffee beans.

pureLYFT is compact and portable. It has a clean, refreshing taste with just a hint of sweetness, and is enriched with vitamin A and B complex.

Women With Beverages On Summer Party Near The PoolpureLYFT is your alternative to artificially flavored, sugar laden energy drinks. Add pureLYFT Clean Caffeine® into your beverage of choice…including adult beverages.

pureLYFT comes complete in a unique stir stick and has the equivalent of about one cup of premium coffee. Versatile for the pool, the tables, or just to grab heading out of your hotel room for whatever the days has in store.

Add pureLYFT to anything and feel your energy soar!

What Customers Say

The pureLYFT difference:

  • Zero Calories
  • All-natural
  • Clean taste
  • Nothing artificial
  • No preservatives
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Made in the USA
  • Easy to Use