Energize Anything: 7 Hacks for Upping Your Energy When You Need It Most

Energize Anything: 7 Hacks for Upping Your Energy When You Need It Most

Energize Anything: 7 Hacks for Upping Your Energy When You Need It Most

When you’re sleep-deprived, there are several healthy ways to boost your energy. 

It’s a known fact that one of the best ways to keep your energy level up is to get plenty of high-quality sleep. But, between work, play, and time with family and friends, the rest tends to fall to the bottom of the priority list. In fact, about a third of U.S. adults don’t get enough sleep, and many fight fatigue throughout the day. Fortunately, there are companies like PureLYFT, that have created all-natural powders and other products that you can easily incorporate throughout your day to help raise energy levels. These products, along with other strategies, will have you feeling back to life and ready to go. 

Whether you need to pull a one-time all-nighter or you’re frequently sleep deprived, here are seven tips to up your energy in real-time.

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  1. Step Outside 

Whether sitting behind a desk or plowing a field in the cab of a tractor, modern humans spend a lot less time in the sun than people used to. Yet sunlight plays an essential role in regulating your sleep-wake cycles. So, if you’re feeling drowsy during the day, pop outside for some UV rays. They’ll quiet sleep-inducing melatonin and stimulate serotonin production. Also, sunlight triggers production of Vitamin D, which keeps your immune system healthy so you can maintain your energy level.

  1. Stimulate Your Brain

Since monotonous and repetitive tasks often contribute to on-the-job fatigue, engaging your mind can go a long way toward increasing your energy levels. Chatting with a coworker will shake things up and give you the chance to brainstorm ideas for your latest project. Listening to some upbeat tunes can improve your mood. And playing a game on your device not only provides something fun to focus on, but the blue light will also keep melatonin at bay. 

  1. Hydrate

Boost your energy by drinking water throughout the day.

Our bodies are about 60% water by weight, so it’s no surprise that even mild dehydration is associated with fatigue and diminished cognitive performance. On the flip side, that means that drinking plenty of fluids is a simple way to keep your energy up and your brain and body functioning at optimal levels. 

Experts still agree that downing eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day is a good starting point, but everybody has different hydration needs based on climate and lifestyle. So, drink when you’re thirsty, and steer clear of too much sugar. For an added energy boost, try mixing vitamin-enriched pureLYFT “clean caffeine” powders into your beverage of choice. 

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  1. Power Nap

The benefits of the power nap have been touted since a 1995 study from NASA found that 26 minutes of sleep could increase alertness by 54%. But how do you do it right? Experts agree that length is key. You want to make sure you get enough time in the lighter stages of your sleep cycle. However, you don’t want to nap so long that you drift into the deeper stages (such as REM) that are so important at night. 

The general recommendation is to aim for 20 to 30 minutes, though at least one study found that as few as 10 minutes of actual sleep can enhance mood and performance. Also, as contradictory as it may sound, consuming some caffeine right before that nap can amplify the effects

  1. Caffeinate the Right Way

Most people are familiar with caffeine’s ability to temporarily increase alertness and relieve drowsiness. Almost two-thirds of Americans drink coffee daily and a quarter consume energy drinks regularly. But we tend to like our coffee with sugar, and energy drinks come with all kinds of extra ingredients. These factors cause people to experience caffeine jitters and energy crashes. 

However, PureLYFT sticks and energy powders provide a way to boost energy levels without those nasty side effects. With pureLYFT products, you get a controlled dosage—about the same amount of caffeine as a single cup of coffee. Plus, the sticks and powders are sugar-free and derived from organic green coffee beans. In addition to providing caffeine, green coffee beans also have high levels of bioavailable chlorogenic acids known for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.   

  1. Move Your Body

Even moderate exercise can effectively increase your energy level. 

Moving just a little bit every day is one of the best things you can do for longterm health and an in-the-moment energy boost. To raise your energy level, you don’t need a 30-minute sweat-fest. Small amounts of moderate-to-vigorous exercise throughout the day can make a difference, especially for people whose jobs keep them fairly sedentary. So, next time you’re feeling sleepy at your desk (or before you crash), try taking a few minutes to stretch, take a lap around the building, or otherwise move your body to wake your brain.

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  1. Eat the Right Foods

Since food provides our primary fuel throughout the day, it should come as no surprise that eating certain foods at the right time can provide an energy boost. To keep your brain sharp on a daily basis, nutritionists recommend eating nutrient-rich fare and healthful fats, such as salmon, olive oil, spinach, and avocados. If you’re fighting the fog associated with insufficient sleep, choosing the right snack can help. Dark chocolate is packed with stimulating methylxanthines, caffeine and theobromine. Bananas also deliver a healthy energy boost. They’re full of potassium, Vitamin B6, and easy-to-digest carbohydrates. Another convenient and energizing choice is pureLYFT clean caffeine, which is enriched with vitamins A and B.

In a perfect world, we would all get plenty of sleep. Unfortunately, our modern society makes it more difficult to get adequate z’s. Fortunately, these hacks can help keep you awake, alert, and engaged.

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