12 Morning Hacks That Will Give You The Most Energy Every Morning – Guaranteed

purelyft AdminOct 26, 2017
Morning Energy
Maybe you’re lucky. Maybe you pop out of bed in the morning feeling energized and ready to take on the day. Maybe you strap on those running shoes and hit the street, trail or wherever, and get in your daily fitness.
On the other hand, maybe you aren’t that fortunate.
Everyone needs more energy in the morning. We have places to go, things to do, lessons to learn and lessons to teach. We have to arrive on time to catch planes, trains and automobiles.If you want to be successful, you need the energy to do it.
How you go about boosting your energy matters.
You can take stimulants, drink coffee, drink tea, or consume any host of artificial supplements. These can have untold long-term consequences for your body. There are, however, many natural ways of boosting your energy in the morning without resorting to a stimulant addiction.

Here’s a list of how you can put more pep in your step when you get up every day the natural way.


Make Your Favorite Song/Music Your Daily Alarm

If you are like people today, you set the clock app on your smartphone as your daily alarm.
Typically, most smartphone users use a default tone that they don’t find utterly obnoxious and leave it at that.
What you should do, instead, is up your alarm game and set your clock app to play your favorite song.
Find an alarm app that lets you use your favorite playlist on your favorite music streaming app.
Essentially, you need to make your alarm less alarming and more something you look forward to hearing.
This seems like a very simplistic means of boosting your energy level, and yet it is a very effective one.
Mental motivation is half the battle, so give yourself a fighting chance every day.

Work Out In The Morning

Morning Workout
Some quick, light exercise first thing in the morning is an excellent way to get your heart pumping.
This also gets your adrenaline going and your endorphins flowing.
Try different forms of exercise.
Vary the duration of your workout to get a sense for what provides the most energy.
Once you figure it out, it is easy to get your morning boost with a quick workout as soon as you wake up.

Eat Before Sleeping

Many people feel groggy when they first wake up because they haven’t consumed anything to fuel their body in the past eight hours.
Eating a small snack before you go to sleep at night is a great way to boost energy.
Make sure you only eat a small portion of a low-carbohydrate, easy-on-the-digestion snack.
Think yogurt, cottage cheese, peanut butter or milk before you lay down.
Consuming too much hard-to-digest food before bed may make it harder for you to sleep.
Therefore, you will want to play around with what you eat and portion sizes.


The Most Important Meal of the Day

As with eating before sleep, you need to get some food in your body after an eight-hour fast.
Keep it light and easy to digest, and manage your portion size.
Excess food can make you sleepy, so you want to avoid a huge breakfast.

Keep Your Bedtime and Wakeup Time Consistent

In order to establish a natural rhythm, you need to go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day.
This consistency allows you to make waking and sleeping feel more natural.
You will feel more energized when you wake up.
A natural sleep cycle also ensures that you get enough rest.
Staying up late and too often has a very negative effect on energy levels, especially upon waking.

Soak Up The Sun

Soak up the sun
When you expose yourself to sunlight, your body naturally shifts from a resting state to an alert waking state.
It is important to get yourself exposure to sunlight as soon as possible in the morning to send that natural wakeup signal to your brain.
Numerous studies demonstrate the importance of sunlight on energy levels upon waking and throughout the day.
A 30-minute break in the sun can boost energy for up to an hour afterwards.
Catch some rays right away the next time you start feeling laggy first thing in the morning.

Eat Lots of Protein

Too many people eat a lot of carbohydrates for breakfast but do not ingest enough protein.
Granola, cereal and toast are all high in carbohydrates.
These foods can lead to a spike-and-crash cycle throughout the day with your blood sugar levels.
Unbalanced blood sugar can lead to your feeling cranky and fatigued throughout the day.
Therefore, it is vital to balance out your meals between carbohydrates and proteins.
You may not care for bacon, eggs or sausage.
That’s okay, there are plenty of other ways to get your protein in the morning.
Whole-grain toast with peanut butter or yogurt with granola and nuts are both excellent foods.
These foods pack protein into your breakfast without the added fat and cholesterol.

Snack On Nuts

You might trouble keeping yourself awake even after you have already started your day.
Motivate your  body by eating a handful of peanuts or almonds when you get to work.
Both nuts are high in magnesium and folate, which are essential to the production of cell boost energy.
Keep a jar or can in your desk for energy emergencies throughout the day.
Remember to spread to consumption of these nuts over the course of your shift.
Try eating a small handful every couple of hours.
Overeating is a sure-fire way to make you feel less energized and sluggish.
Watch how many nuts you eat at a time so you don’t struggle to digest your larger portion.

Drink Water

Water Caffeine
Dehydration leads to fatigue and low energy.
Dehydration can have a very negative impact on your morning and the rest of the day.
Sipping water throughout the day by taking a few swallows every 15 minutes helps you stay hydrated and alert.
Don’t gulp down your water, though.
Too much water at once might lead to your kidneys flushing it out of your bloodstream too quickly before your body is able to make full use of it.

Thymus Tap

The thymus bone is located at the top of the chest, below the collarbone between the pectoralis muscles.
When you tap your thymus, your body triggers numerous physiological responses that boost energy and rejuvenates you mentally and physically.
A 20-second tap session, combined with slow diaphragmatic breathing for 20 seconds, tends to have the most impact.
Longer sessions have also proven to be extremely effective as well.

Maintain Your Posture

Practicing good posture is actually a phenomenal way to add energy to your day.
Shift from a slouched, restricted sitting position into one of correct posture.
This means back straight and knees at right angle to the floor to get an instant energy boost.
Proper posture aligns the blood vessels and other circulatory systems of the body to function correctly.
This allows you to get uninhibited free flow of blood to all parts of your body.
When you body’s systems are all functioning at peak efficiency, your mind will also function optimally.
Try sitting straighter at breakfast or at the office in the morning.
Enjoy the all the benefits that proper posture can bring to your life.

Give Your Morning Shower Super Powers

An unorthodox, but effective, means of giving yourself a boost in the morning is to add some potent aromas to your morning routine.
Think scented soaps or body washes infused with essential oils of mint, citrus or eucalyptus.
These fragrances may increase alertness and invigorate you, especially when applied first thing after waking up or following a workout.
If you don’t care for scented soaps or they don’t generally do good things for your skin, try adding a few drops of essential oils.
Place the drops in the bottom of the shower to give you that added aroma boost.
Rry oil blends to increase overall effectiveness and add some variety to your morning routine.
All in all, there are many ways to boost your morning energy.

Enter pureLYFT

Energize anything 
These hacks are just a few of the basics that require the least effort to establish as a routine.
The key to any good habit is consistency.
Try to set achievable goals on a short term basis to help you build motivation to continue.
Do you want to try something different in your morning routine?
Turn to pureLYFT, an all-natural supplement.
Add pureLYFT to your morning smoothie, juice, yogurt, dairy drink, glass of water or whatever liquid you use to kickstart your morning.
Once you establish your routine and maintain it for about a month, then you can start setting longer-term goals.
See what happens to your energy level with the pureLYFT difference.
Keep at it.
Remember that you are worth every ounce of effort it takes to establish this routine.
The reward of extra energy and productivity will more than make up for any short term struggles.
The best part is that pureLYFT has zero calories.
All it does is boost your energy first thing in the morning or if you need extra stamina at night.
Get started on establishing your morning energy routine today.
Start rewarding yourself with an all-natural boost every morning.
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