LYFT® Energy Stir Sticks are a zero calorie, “Clean Caffeine” energy product infused with all natural caffeine derived from green coffee bean extract with vitamins A and B complex that can be used with any beverage to provide a sophisticated energy experience with a clean taste.


The Science

We've put a lot of sweat & tears into LYFT. Not actually, but you get the point. Check out our science.

0 Calories

Getting your LYFT shouldn’t mean gaining a few. LYFT easy.

Clean Taste

You shouldn't lace your buds with extra flavor. What's there is already enough.

Vibrant Alertness

Focus naturally, without the added side effects. LYFT in the zone.

Junk Free

No aritifical flavors, sweetenes or preservatives. Just the simple, clean effect.

Caffeine = 1 Tall Coffee

We like Joe. Joe is nice. But when Joe doesn't sit well with everything else, we prefer LYFT. Joe is good. LYFT is great.

Patented Design

A unique idea needs unique wrapping. LYFT's patended release mechanism makes getting your energy super-simple.

The Word

So...people tend to kind of LOVE LYFT. But we'll let them speak for themselves.


I love the fact that the Pure LYFT sticks are portable and you can caffeinate any beverage that you can imagine.

Annmarie, blogger, The Fit Foodie Mama


I think LYFT has fantastic potential for athletes, whether competitive or just a weekend warrior like me.

Jacqui, blogger, Weight to Maintain


I used LYFT in a Starbucks half green and half passion-fruit iced tea. This was the perfect combination for me. The iced tea provided a refreshing flavor and the LYFT stick added long-lasting energy all morning. I really enjoyed the long lasting energy boost that the LYFT stick provided without the feeling of a huge caffeine spike.

Allison, blogger, Allison in Wellnessland


One big thing I like about Pure LYFT is that it’s convenient. I am ALWAYS on the go, and it comes in the form of a stir stick, which you can take with you anywhere. I don’t want to drink soda or coffee, so I am really excited to have found this!

Lyndsay, blogger, The Balanced Brunette


This LYFT idea is truly terrific! It did not make me jittery or did not make my water too sweet. It was light and refreshing.

Christiana, blogger, Spilling Coffee and Dropping Things

Tap / Swipe

Energize Anything

...with all natural caffeine! LYFT goes great with any drink you love. Maybe your OJ needs that morning rush. We don't judge.

  • Orange Juice + LYFT
    A Great Way to Jump-
    Start Your Day!
  • Water + LYFT
    Refresh with a hint
    of anytime energy!
  • Soda + LYFT
    A lunchtime boost to
    energize the afternoon!
  • Cocktail + LYFT
    Spruce up your spirits
    during happy hour!
  • On The Rocks + LYFT
    Boost your social stamina
    and extend the evening!
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