A Healthy Charge

For Your Workout

You take what goes into your body seriously, and so do we!

Heading to the gym, or going for a run and need an extra boost of energy? Don’t reach for coffee. It can dehydrate you and sour your stomach. Considering an energy drink? They’re loaded with sugars, artificial colors and flavors.

Just grab your pureLYFT® energy stir stick and GO!

pureLYFT® is the perfect companion for that health conscious, active, athletic-minded person in you. Add that extra energy boost to power through your challenging workout.

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Energize Anything™

pureLYFT®’s unique energy stir stick is compact and portable. Just add the Clean Caffeine® from all-natural green coffee beans to your water, protein drinks, juice and more. pureLYFT® has a clean, refreshing taste with just a hint of sweetness. It is enriched with healthy vitamin A and B complex, and has about the same amount of caffeine in a tall cup of coffee.

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I work a lot. I have two jobs, on top of two school-age kids and a husband. There are quite a few times where I am running on "fumes" and need a pick me up. Sadly, a lot of those times are when I don't have access to a coffee machine. I can add pureLYFT to whatever I have readily available. It gives you a nice, easy going boost without the jitters associated with caffeine pills or energy drinks. I am so amazed on how much this stuff works. I'm a stay at home mom with a 3 year old and a 10 month old. I'm always looking for a caffeine product to keep me going just as much as they do. And I can say that this is the right product for that. I highly recommend this. I have two children and I am always running round them all day long. I get really tired and always need something to give me energy so I can be on my feet. I like this pureLYFT All Natural Clean Caffeine because it really does help me lift my energy levels and keep me going all day long.

What Is

Clean Caffeine

You don’t need to sacrifice your health and time to find a caffeinated beverage.

Zero Calories

Getting energy shouldn’t
feel guilty

All Natural

We don’t believe in anything artificial or synthetic

Clean Taste

What you drink should
taste great

Nothing Artificial

Again, something clean
has to be natural

No Preservatives

Our sticks don’t need anything extra to stay strong


No need to try and
one-up nature


No animals needed for
clean, raw energy

Made in the USA

We are proud & support where we come from

Easy to Use

Just pop & pour or
peel & stir


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