6 Spring Break Items You Can’t Leave Behind!

purelyft AdminOct 26, 2017
6 Spring Break Items You Can’t Leave Behind!


Spring Break is in our sights:

Besides the end of the semester, spring break is the most exciting part of spring semesters in college.

While everyone loves to plan the trip and especially to be on the trip, no one wants to deal with packing for their trip. 

Between needing endless amount of clothes options, sunscreen, swimsuits, and sun hats are other necessities. 

Before you leave, make sure you have these six spring break must haves you might be forgetting on your packing list.


1.    The Perfect Playlist

This is more for people who will be driving, but definitely make up a playlist for the hotel and beach. What does the perfect playlist consist of? 25% party music, 25% today’s hits, 25% throwbacks, and 25% chill songs. Just kidding. There’s no formula for the perfect playlist, just make sure to build up a good mixture of your favorite songs now and older songs to jam out all week.

2.  Portable Charger

No one likes a dead phone, so make sure to pack that portable charger. Think about all the photo opportunities lost without your phone? You won’t become Instagram famous with a dead phone. Charge it up on the go!


3. Headache Medicine

Who gets a headache on spring break? You if you forget meds! Between the long ride there or the morning after a long night of drinking, you’re bound to need some Advil once or twice. No one wants to spend spring break with a pounding head. Be prepared.


4. Drinks, drinks and more drinks

Depending on where you go, this must have is for 21 and up. Everyone knows the best relaxation is the beach and a drink. Luckily, we have spring break to give us a week of relaxation, made possible by alcohol and white sand.

5.  Sunglasses

While it might seem obvious, sunglasses are so little that people tend to completely forget them. Sunglasses aren’t just for fashion; they protect our eyes from blue lights and UV radiation. But let’s be honest, they do look really cute too! Make sure before you head out, you put your sunglasses on your head; your eyes will thank you later.

6. PureLYFT

If you’re like me and about to embark on a twelve hour drive, you’ll definitely need some caffeine. Not only that, you need to keep that ‘bikini bod’ intact, so the lower the calories the better!

 PureLYFT is an all-natural caffeine product with ZERO calories.

 That’s right, you can drink your caffeine and keep your beach bod. pureLYFT is perfect for long car trips, flights, or keeping you awake through all the adventures of spring break.

 Plus, there’s now flavors you can add to spice up your water, or add some Orange, Mixed Berry or Lemon Lime to any drink on the go.