6 Tips for When You're Feeling Sleepy at Work

Bill FlemingJun 4, 2020
6 Tips for When You're Feeling Sleepy at Work

6 Tips for When You're Feeling Sleepy at Work 

Did you know that the National Sleep Foundation found that about 43% of Americans sleep at some point during the day?

If you experience regular sleepiness during the day, this might not surprise you! Being tired at home isn’t such a big deal, but at work, it can stop important tasks.

Keep reading to learn some tips to stop feeling sleepy at work. Get ready to feel re-energized and back to being productive.

What Causes This Type of Sleepiness?

Before we review how you can fight sleepiness at work, it might be helpful to learn what’s causing it so you can better understand how to prevent it.

The first reason may seem obvious, which is lack of sleep. But did you know that too much sleep can also cause sleepiness? Especially if the sleep is alcohol-induced, it may not help you feel restful. Try getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep and see what effects this has on your day.

Also, poor eating and exercise habits can result in being tired. Healthy foods and exercise help keep our energy up. Try breakfast with protein and vegetables, rather than cereal, before you head off to work.

Another cause of exhaustion could be stress. If you’re overworked and haven’t had vacation time in a while, you may be in need of a serious break. Take a sick day or schedule a vacation. Even if you stay home, you may just need a break from your work schedule.

But if you do continue to experience sleepiness, what can you do to combat it?

1. Get Up and Move Around

Part of the sleepiness you might be experiencing is from staying in one place for too long. Try to get up and move around from your desk periodically and get your blood flowing.

Taking walks during the day will help you to stay awake and concentrate. Since you likely can’t be away from your desk or work for too long, try just bouncing your leg or standing at your desk.

Frequent movement can help in general, including visiting the gym before work. Regular exercise is great for your health and stamina.

You can also try to go on a run or go to the gym during your lunch hour. Research has shown that exercise improves your productivity throughout the day. So even if you take some time away from your day, it could pay off throughout the day while you are at your desk.

2. Drink Some Coffee or Have a Shot of Caffeine

Everyone thinks of grabbing some coffee when they’re feeling sleepy during the day. Caffeine is a stimulant that can increase your brain activity and improve thinking.

Another option is taking a shot of caffeine. Try taking a walk to a local coffee shop for some espresso. Both the walk and the shot could do wonders for your productivity.

Be careful to not have too much since you could get jittery. This might have the opposite effect that you’re looking for and bring you crashing down. If you aren’t a fan of coffee, you could also try some caffeine alternatives to help you feel awake.

3. Try a Quick Power Nap

Sometimes the best solution is to rest for a bit. If you’re able to squeeze in a quick power nap during your lunch break, this might revive you.

However, if you don’t have your own office, perhaps you can take a nap in your car. Even just a quick 15-minute nap might give you the energy you need. You could wake up more alert, but be sure to set an alarm so you don’t forget to return to your office.

Napping from 1 pm to 3 pm is a great time for your body clock. Sleeping later in the day could affect how you sleep at night.

4. Listen to Loud and Upbeat Music

If you can’t kick the sleepiness, play some music. Upbeat, energetic music motivates people to get up and move around. It can also motivate you to type faster or focus more on your work.

People also have emotional reactions and physical reactions to music. It can accelerate your heart rate and prepare your muscles for movement. This kind of reaction can help you to refocus and have a positive feeling.

5. Talk to a Coworker or Call Someone

Sometimes just talking to another person can give you all the energy you’re looking for, and more than likely, your coworker needs a break as well. This can reduce the amount of stress you’re feeling if you can also chat about your day.

Taking a short walk with a coworker or grabbing a cup of coffee can create a nice break in the day. But if you don’t have coworkers or you work from home, just give someone a call.

Lastly, if you need to just take a moment to talk to yourself, this can have the same effect. Give yourself a pep talk using positive affirmations.

6. Eat a Snack

Food helps to fuel us and can have a direct effect on our productivity at work. It’s important to think about the food you’re choosing as well. Healthy foods actually give us more energy throughout the day than sugar or junk food.

If you just need a light snack, try a banana or some carrot sticks. This can help you re-energize and even the chewing can help you to feel more stimulated.

Whereas choosing foods like candy can give you a temporary sugar high, but then you could crash later.

Learn How to Stop Feeling Sleepy at Work by Following These Tips

Feeling sleepy at work can stop you from completing an important task or make it feel impossible to remain productive. It’s important to understand what causes exhaustion, especially if you’re feeling it regularly.

Try the six tips above to fight the sleepiness and get re-energized throughout the day. Plus, click here to learn more about our clean caffeine to keep you awake and feeling accomplished!