5 Ways to Stay Fit and Hydrated in Quarantine for Coronavirus

Bill FlemingApr 8, 2020
5 Ways to Stay Fit and Hydrated in Quarantine for Coronavirus

5 Ways to Stay Fit and Hydrated in Quarantine for Coronavirus 

No matter where you are in the world, the chances are good that you've been asked to participate in the global quarantine to help fight the recent Coronavirus outbreak. 

Staying at home can be tough on the mind and body, and it's an easy way to let your health slip off track, too. If that sounds familiar, don't worry. This is your article!

We'll walk you through our top tips for how to stay healthy in quarantine, including diet, exercise, and more.

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How to Stay Healthy in Quarantine: Our Top Tips

Limiting in-person contact with others is currently the only known way to reduce the spread of Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. But, quarantines and social distancing can take their toll on your health. In this section, we'll cover a few things you can do to stay healthy at home while waiting for the disease to pass. 

Eat Only When You're Hungry

Are you hungry, or are you bored?

If you're suddenly spending way more time than usual at home, it can be easy to slip into bad habits like snacking all day. And, if you're eating out of stress, boredom, or mild depression, the chances are good that you are loading up on empty calories.  

Combat this by eating plenty of fiber-rich and filling foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, deep greens, whole grains, and lean protein. And, when possible, make breakfast your biggest meal of the day.

Starting your morning with a hearty breakfast will help keep you from making a ton of trips to the fridge mid-day once boredom sets in. 

You should also keep in mind that certain foods can alter your mood. So, while that candy bar might give you a boost now, it will probably leave you feeling worse than ever in just a few hours.

Stay Hydrated

How are you feeling? 

If the answer is fatigued, unfocused, stressed out, and sick, you probably aren't drinking enough water. Dehydration can lead to these symptoms and have a lasting negative impact on your health. 

So, if you're wondering how to stay healthy during the COVID-19 outbreak, do not skip this tip. 

You should be drinking eight glasses of water a day to stay properly hydrated. This simple step can help bolster your immune system, boost your energy levels, and keep all of your body's systems running right.

Drinking enough can be a challenge if you don't like water. But, sodas and juices don't make for good substitutes. If you need a pop of flavor, opt for a fruit infused water instead!

Set a Workout Routine and Stick to It 

No matter how fit you usually are, it's a challenge to stay healthy in quarantine.

Try setting a workout routine for your week that incorporates different activities each day. That way, you'll work all of your muscle groups and avoid boredom, too. 

Keep in mind that in most areas, you're still allowed outside for exercise. But, if you'd rather play it safe, there are plenty of activities that you can do at home.

If you're sitting all day, try a few easy yoga moves. Many of these can be done without even getting up from your desk. 

Bodyweight workouts are another excellent option. They don't require any fitness equipment and can double as cardio, especially if you ramp up the intensity and turn them into a fast-paced circuit. 

The most important part of setting a workout routine is sticking to it. If you accidentally miss a day, don't be hard on yourself. Instead, enjoy the afternoon off and start tomorrow with a fresh focus!

Sleep Well

Getting enough rest is a vital part of balancing your health and quarantine requirements. 

When it comes to sleep, there are multiple factors to focus on. You probably know that your body requires 7-9 hours of rest per night to keep functioning properly. This downtime allows your systems to rest and rejuvenate.

But, did you know that sleep quality is just as important to your physical and mental functions? 

Your body uses 90-minute sleep cycles, including three stages of NREM and REM. And, you'll need to complete around six full sets if you want to wake up feeling rested and restored.

Each cycle gives time for your body's functions to slow down or perform specialized tasks. This includes your breathing, blood pressure, muscular system, and more. The deepest part of your sleep cycle is also when hormones are released, healing takes place, and your body's energy levels are restored.

Limit Your Screen Time

If you're struggling to sleep at night, feeling anxious, or experiencing strange symptoms like eye fatigue, you may be getting too much screen time.

Limiting the number of hours you spend on electronic devices is a challenge, especially if you're using a computer as part of your home office routine. But, it's vital to staying healthy during the coronavirus outbreak.

Start by taking a short break from your screen at least once per hour. This gives your eyes a chance to rest, and it's the perfect opportunity to fit in a few of those yoga moves we mentioned earlier. 

If possible, avoid spending too much screen time early in the morning and late at night. These hours are especially important to your health!

Starting your day off by looking at your phone or computer can leave you feeling stressed. This, in turn, might lead to anxiety and stress eating later in your day.

Likewise, lying in bed at night, staring at your phone can keep your brain active when you should be relaxing, leaving you awake and alert late into the night. This can negatively impact your sleep cycle, eventually leading to sleeplessness and fatigue. 

Start Feeling Better Today

Now that you know a bit about how to stay healthy in quarantine, the rest is up to you. 

Start by making a few small changes to your daily routine, and you'll be surprised at how easy it is to incorporate other healthy habits. And, remember that this is a stressful and challenging time for all of us. If you struggle to make these improvements at first, it's ok.

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