9 Ways to Slay That Midday Slump

Duke HighlandApr 28, 2020
9 Ways to Slay That Midday Slump

9 Ways to Slay That Midday Slump 

You wake up in the morning, get a cup of coffee, and log into your computer to start your day. You keep going strong until about an hour after lunch. Now you’re starting to feel that afternoon slump kick in.

It’s hard to motivate yourself to power through the rest of your day. You just want to go take a nap. Believe it or not, taking a half-hour power nap is a good thing. 

It can be the pick me up you need to tackle the slump. Taking a nap isn’t the only method you can use to make it through the afternoon. Check out this guide to learn more.

1. Get Up and Move

Taking a little mid-afternoon trip to the gym won't only wake you up but it will help you be more productive when you get back to work. Often times our midday fatigue is due to office stress. 

Exercise releases endorphins that help deal with that stress. Hitting the gym will make your brain sharper so you'll be able to focus and hammer out those tough workplace decisions. 

Not many people can pencil in a trip to the gym in the middle of the day though. If you're one of those people, instead of clocking out to lift weights, do a few exercises at your desk. There are plenty of them that you can try out. 

2. Make Small Talk With Someone  

You most likely know someone with infectious energy. They're so bright and bubbly that you can't help but feel the same when you're talking with them. 

If you have a co-worker like this, venture over to their desk when you start feeling drained. It's hard to be tired when talking to someone in general. There is a certain amount of focus that you have to put into it.

If you work from home and don't have co-workers to speak of, take a small break to call someone with that infectious energy we were talking about. 

3. Always Make Time for Breakfast 

Having a nice meal in the morning can help tide you over until lunch and set you up for a productive day. It can hurt more than help though if you eat the wrong thing. 

A donut and a cup of coffee aren't going to give you the same amount of energy as eggs and a container of Greek yogurt. Your body needs foods that are high in protein and slow-burning carbs in order to fight off brain fog. 

If you never give yourself enough time to get breakfast in the morning, prepare it the night before or look for quick on the go options. 

4. Eat Fruit 

Are you craving something sweet during the day? Reach for a container of fruit. Most fruits contain a variety of nutrients that people need to keep brain fog away. 

Dehydration is one of the main causes of brain fog. If you're not a fan of the taste of water you can eat fruit instead. Fruits that contain a large amount of water can keep you hydrated and help you focus.  

As an added bonus, it's pretty hard to fall asleep when you're munching on something. It's not unheard of but it's difficult. 

5. Don't Consume as Much Sugar 

You're running off about four hours of sleep so you decide to grab a donut on your way to work. The sugar keeps you awake for a while but by the mid-afternoon, you can feel the energy crash set in. 

That's the problem with using sugar to stay awake. It works in a pinch but you'll experience a sugar crash at some point in the afternoon. 

6. Stand Up 

After a while of sitting at a desk and working at the computer, your eyes start to glaze over and you can feel the fatigue set in. You can fight it off by standing up for a few moments to stretch. 

Standing up will help you sort of reset yourself and prolong your energy resources. You may also want to invest in a standing desk.

Standing up while you work will help you focus and there are a ton of health benefits that come with ergonomic furniture like standing desks. It's a win-win. 

7. Jam out at Work  

There is a certain magic that comes with music. Listening to your favorite high energy songs while you're at the office will help you work harder. 

This is because bouncy music makes your brain more alert. It will increase your memory as well. 

As a pro-tip, listen to music that doesn't have any lyrics. If you listen to music with lyrics it will be harder for you to focus because you're concentrating too much on the words. 

8. Drink Green Tea

You're feeling tired in the afternoon so you go grab a coffee. It gets you through the afternoon but you have a rough time sleeping that night. 

The stimulating effects of caffeine last for around 8 hours. It should be avoided late in the afternoon. Get a cup of green tea instead. 

Green tea is full of compounds that will make you feel more alert without affecting your sleep. 

9. Take a Nap 

If you're feeling too tired to function, give in to your body's demands and take a 20-30 minute long power nap. Doing so will make you more alert and keep the fatigue away. 

Be sure that you set several alarms to wake yourself up. If you take too long of a nap it will have the opposite effect and you'll damage your sleep schedule. 

Fight off That Awful Afternoon Slump 

You're working away in front of your computer when the afternoon slump sets in. It has the habit of attacking out of nowhere. While it might be tempting to go get a coffee, this is the worst thing you can do. 

Coffee will give you a burst of energy but drinking it too late in the day will leave you awake at night. Try out one of these alternatives to fight off the fog and increase your energy levels.

Are you looking for a substitute for your afternoon cup of java? Check out our healthy alternatives