College Students #getLYFTed

purelyft AdminOct 26, 2017
college students love pure lyft

Have you ever caught yourself hitting the snooze button over and over in the morning, knowing you have to get up for a long work day? Getting out of bed sore, knowing you have to wake up before your next workout? Sitting in a lecture hall with your eyes getting heavy, as your professor rambles on? Each day, college students wake up knowing they have a long day ahead of them, wondering how they will possibly make it through.

Although the source may be different for each student, caffeine is the likely resolution to get through the day. Throughout the country, college campuses offer a wide variety of options to give you your caffeine needs. Although these sources are reliable to get you going, it is rare that you can find a caffeine source that won’t leave you with a sick feeling in your stomach, headache, or a sudden fall of energy.

Here is where we, at pureLYFT, come in. pureLYFT is the CLEAN CAFFEINE source that will get you through your days and have you excited to keep going into the night. While using our all natural energy stir sticks this semester, you’ll still feel great and be able to go about your day without feeling sick or suddenly out of energy, unlike the feeling given by common caffeine sources like coffee or energy drinks. Although you may be used to waking up and getting some coffee, we all know that a few hours later it has you suddenly down and struggling to make it through that boring class again. So, this semester’s your chance to switch it up, and feel much better in the mean time.

But when do I use pureLYFT? Easy - although pureLYFT can be used for numerous occasions this semester, we compiled a little list to help.

  • Early morning workouts – #getLYFTed before your early morning lift at the gym to get you going.
  • Midterms/Exam Week – Got stuck with multiple exams in just a couple days again? Use pureLYFT to keep you awake and ready to study all day and night.
  • Mondays – Have another case of the Mondays after a long weekend of tailgates and football games? Get back into the weekly grind with our clean, neutral tasting product.
  • Parent Visits – We all know after days of studying and going out, it’s hard to stay awake, much less alert, for when the parents come to town.

Anytime, Anywhere. Yes, we gave you some ideas for when and where to use pureLYFT, but make it your own. Whether you need some energy to wake up or just need to get going throughout the day, #getLYFTed this semester and you’ll soon be wondering why you hadn’t started sooner.

If you are interested in trying pureLYFT for your next workout, try a pureLYFT 6-pack or 24-pack today!

Blog post written by Jenna Crisalli, Brand Ambassador for pureLYFT.