Cranberry Spritzer Recipe

Kailey ElfstrumDec 11, 2018
Holiday Drink Recipe

Energized Cranberry Spritzer 

By: Chloe Greenfield

Brand Ambassador at Eastern Carolina University 


Check out this delicious and easy to make rendition of the classic Cranberry Spritzer!


Enjoy this festive energy packed pureLYFT Cranberry Spritzer! These are great for your next holiday party or just to curl up with on the couch after a long day of shopping. The cranberry juice also helps to balance your body's pH levels and improve your heart health. This classic cocktail is always a tasty drink to sweeten up your holiday season. 



Cranberry Recipe



2/3 cup Cranberry Juice

1/3 cup Sprite 

1 Mixed Berry pureLYFT Energy Stick

1/8 cup Fresh cranberries for garnish



Cranberry spritzer ingredients


Grab your favorite holiday cup and add the cranberry juice and Sprite. Peel the sticker and pop the end off of your Mixed Berry pureLYFT and stir to add. It will fizz so make sure you have a large enough cup. Then, add your fresh cranberries and enjoy. 

**For a low sugar option replace Sprite with seltzer.**

 Stay energized  

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