Energize Your Summer Break

purelyft AdminOct 26, 2017
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Okay, seriously: Isn’t it time for the kids to go back to school, yet? We’ve gone through three bottles of sunscreen, made 16 batches of glitter-slime, and moderated 1,672 arguments over fidget spinners and whose turn it is to have the remote. Can it be over now? Pretty please? Yes, of course we love our kids, and we know you do, too. But, let’s be honest: There are stages to summer break, and we’re smack-dab in the middle of “soooooo booooooored.”

 Energize your summer break

Of course, in just a few short weeks we’ll be packing lunches, waiting for our kiddos at the bus stop, and dealing with “Friday folders” again… and wishing like crazy summer hadn’t flown by the way it did. So let’s make the most of having our tribe at home while we can.


1. Create a schedule.

Sure, summers are synonymous with spontaneous, but having at least a loose plan will help you ix-nay the oredom-bay. Put together a weekly schedule that includes field trips, meals, and chores (gasp!) and post it on the fridge. It’ll answer those endless “What are we doing today” questions and remind everyone to make their bed. Plus, putting “hiking trip” on the calendar will ensure it actually happens, and it’ll give the whole crew something to look forward to.

2. Choose a theme for each of the remaining weeks.

By having a weekly theme, it’ll be easier to plan meals and activities. For Safari Week, head to the zoo, watch animal-themed movies, make animal masks, and cook dinner over a fire pit. Work in an “All About Water” week and have a picnic at a lakeshore, rent a canoe, hit the pool, race homemade boats, and so on. A theme will help you develop creative ways to enjoy your time together. Pro tip: Let each kid choose a theme and get them to brainstorm activities.

3. Remember you’re not the Director of Entertainment.

Trying to keep your kids occupied all day every day is tiring work. So encourage them to engage their imaginations and come up with their own activities. At the very least, put together a box that only comes out when the “I’m bored” whining begins. Fill it with things your kids can do independently.

4. Set some goals.

Challenge your kids to compete against themselves—not against each other—to set some personal records. Between now and the time school starts, can they swim 300 laps at the pool? Can they read 30 minutes each day, instead of just 20? (Yes, please!) Can they make $50 washing your neighbors’ cars or walking their dogs?

5. Eat well.

Sure, summer’s full of popsicles and chips, but too much of that stuff will leave everyone cranky and fatigued. Enlist your kids’ help with shopping for and preparing healthy snacks.

6. Drink well, too.

Instead of relying on gallons of iced coffee and sodas to get you through the day, increased your water intake. You’ll be amazed at the energy boost you’ll get just from staying properly hydrated. (Need a little extra boost? Stir in a PureLyft stick.)

7. Take a break.

If the kids are watching a movie, do not—we repeat, do not—clean the bathroom.
Instead, take a break! Read a book. Watch something on Netflix. Do That way you’ll be refreshed and ready to goof off with the kids when screen time is over.

8. Have your kids take a break, too.

We’ve heard of some families who institute daily “FOB” time—feet on bed. Encourage your family to rest a bit—maybe during the hottest part of the day.

9. Have a regular exercise routine?

Modify it a bit to involve the kids. They might want to play video games all summer long, but that’s typically not the stuff memories are made of. So try family yoga sessions or nature walks. Coordinate a neighborhood fun run followed by a block party. Staying active together will help you enjoy the last days of summer.

10. Get the back-to-school prep work done now. Go ahead and schedule those haircuts and doctor’s appointments now so your kids’ last week home isn’t full of “yuck.” Start shopping for shoes and backpacks a bit at a time—in advance—so no one’s heart breaks because their favorite color or character is sold out.


How do you keep from losing your mind over the last few weeks of summer? Share your ideas on the comments!

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