Energized Hot Cocoa (Limited Time Only)

Kailey ElfstrumNov 30, 2018
Hot Cocoa Recipe


Energized Hot Cocoa for TWO! 

 -  The perfect Holiday stocking stuffer  -

Hot Chocolate kit

Just in time for the Holiday season we are brining you the perfect stocking stuffer. These would be perfect for the college student, niece or nephew, or any caffeine lover in your life.   

The kit includes: 

1. Hot Cocoa ( enough for 2 cups)

2. Marshmallows 

3. Peppermint

4. Chocolate chips (Semi-sweet) 

5. TWO original pureLYFT Energy stir sticks 


Hot chocolate recipe


These kits comes with enough hot cocoa, peppermint, chocolate chips, marshmallows and two original pureLYFT sticks to make TWO Energized drinks. All you need to add is water or milk to share the perfect energized drink for the season.