Energized Orange Cinnamon Tea

Kailey ElfstrumOct 9, 2018
Energized Cinnamon Tea

Energized Orange Cinnamon Tea

By: Chloe Greenfield 


It's fall so that means it's time for all of your favorite autumn drinks! Cinnamon Tea has many benefits such as booting metabolism, increases antioxidants for fat burning, and regulating glucose levels. We also just love the feeling of hot tea on a brisk Fall day. To help keep your hands warm and your mind energized we put together a recipe combining cinnamon tea and all-natural caffeine. Check out this delicious recipe below.  

caffeine tea


   Orange spice tea bag

   Fresh orange slices

   Cinnamon sticks

   Hot water

   Orange pureLYFT Energy Stir Stick

recipe for energized tea


    Heat 1 cup of water in your kettle or microwave just until it starts to simmer. Pour the hot water into your favorite fall-time mug. Open and place your orange spice tea bag into your mug and allow it to steep for 2 minutes. Slice an orange and place it in your mug then use a cinnamon stick to stir your tea. Pop off the end of your Orange Flavor pureLYFT and pour and stir into your hot tea.

Stir, sip and enjoy!


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