Energized Orange Ginger Juice

Kailey ElfstrumSep 12, 2018
Orange Juice Recipe

Whether you a juicing for a diet or for fun it is a delicious way to get key nutrients. We put together a recipe for you to enjoy that has a refreshing citrus taste and can give you a big boost in energy and nutrition. Enjoy :) 



4 Oranges, peeled

4 Large Carrots, cut the top off

1 Knob of Ginger, peeled 

1 Lemon, peeled 

3 Orange pureLYFT sticks 



How to make it: 

Peel the oranges, cut off the top of the carrots, peel the knob of ginger and peel the lemon. Add the 3 oranges, 4 carrots, 1 knob of ginger, and 1 lemon into vegetable juicer. Serving size is 3 cups about 12oz each. Stir in an orange pureLYFT Energy Stir Stick to each cup and serve immediately. 


Try pureLYFT today by adding it to any beverage to give you the clean caffeine boost you need. Each stick has 125mg of caffeine derived from Green Coffee Bean extract.


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Good luck! (: 

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