Fitness Transformation: One Young Man’s Journey

purelyft AdminOct 26, 2017
Fitness Transformation: One Young Man’s Journey

Chasing those gains? Trying to build up your endurance? Training for an insane athletic event? Cutting season around the corner?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then we suggest introducing CLEAN CAFFEINE ® to your daily diet. With absolutely nothing artificial in our ingredients, we’re finally bringing an affordable source of all-natural energy to the table!

The story of how one of our Brand Ambassadors embarked on his fitness journey is pretty incredible. Mounir explains, “I found myself obese and disgusted by my own appearance. I was tired of getting picked on and teased for my weight by the occasional jokester who thrived on the insecurities of others. In May, 2015, I decided that it was time to stop making excuses and feeling bad for myself - it was time for change. Previously, I had blamed all of my weight problems on things out of my control such as my metabolism or my supposed 'bad luck with genetics' and 'inability to burn fat'.


Mounir goes on to explain, "It took some real, necessary introspection to realize that I had been lying to myself and shying away from the challenge of transforming my body into one that I was proud of -- a challenge that I knew somewhere deep down that I was capable of accomplishing. As tempting as all of the shortcut weight loss methods sounded (supplements, liposuction, lap band, etc.) I knew that I wanted to do it the right way, the natural way.”

The natural way it was! Mounir continues, “I would always get exhausted very early on in my workouts. I would be winded before I even reached a heart rate at which I could burn calories and body fat effectively. After introducing pureLYFT to my daily diet, I noticed that I was much more energized throughout my workouts. With persistence and the support of others, namely the pureLYFT team that sponsored my transformative journey, my fat began melting and my confidence boosted. Today, I am seventy-two lbs. lighter than I was fourteen months ago and I train daily in hopes of completing a Spartan Race in the near future."

Mounir’s success on his fitness journey is inspiring and his newfound passion for health and nutrition, contagious. After hearing of how pureLYFT helped Mounir along his fitness journey, our marketing team made a habit of waking up bright and early to hit the gym before our AM team meetings.


Instead of getting us hyped up and energized for the rest of the day, our pre-workout supplements only ever got us pumped for our workout and left us feeling lethargic and groggy afterwards. We all loved the energy boost, but most of us fell victim to the dreaded “post-workout crash.” This prompted our switch to pureLYFT as an effective pre-workout alternative. This time around, however, we did not have to deal with the guilt of consuming unnecessary additives like creatine and copious amount of sugar.

pureLYFT is an absolute lifesaver in the sense that you won’t ever have to feel even the slightest bit guilty about taking it daily. Whether you mix it into water or your favorite drink, you will never have to feel bad about the unnecessary sugar and pointless calories that you get from most other caffeinated beverages. You don’t have to wait for a half hour for it to kick in either! Just peel and stir right before you hit the gym and #getLYFTed to get those #GAINZ.

If you are inspired by Mounir's story and would like to incorporate pureLYFT into your fitness program, try a pureLYFT 6-pack or 24-pack today!