How Fellow Students Need to #getLYFTed on Campus

purelyft AdminOct 26, 2017
How Fellow Students Need to #getLYFTed on Campus

TB to when we couldn't make it to the gym after our 5th class of the day, or didn’t make it to our 8 AM class because we overslept. It’s hard to believe that we walked around our campus all day and night without getting #LYFTed.

Oh yes, and there were those times that we drank four coffees to stay up and study for our exam the next day...that must have been at least 600 additional calories, not to mention the gross unground coffee beans at the bottom of our cups.

NEVER AGAIN, because now we are preparing for our days with an all-natural, clean caffeine stick AKA...pureLYFT!

Actually, we have not had a coffee since pureLYFT was brought into the picture. Some of us were not huge coffee drinkers due to the artificial tastes but sucked it down anyway for the caffeine fix. Now our new caffeine routine is clean caffeine! pureLYFT has a neutral taste that can be put into any drink, smoothie, or shake without changing the taste; even your very-berry blast smoothie will come out perfect!

Clean caffeine has helped us realize how many unnecessary calories one intakes each day from energy drinks and/or coffee. Before every sorority or fraternity formal or mixer, my sisters and I always loved a red bull and vodka to get us ready for the night and energized to party. But, do you know what comes with artificial caffeine? You guessed it: the crash.

The wall you hit when all those added sugars and empty calories bring your night to a screeching halt, leaving you cranky, tired, and bloated. Now pureLYFT would never do that to you! pureLYFT is an all-natural energy stir stick with CLEAN CAFFEINE, a clean, natural taste, and nothing artificial.

Don’t like energy drinks? Now you have a healthy option. Learn from your mistakes of feeling yucky before the night is over and just take a solo cup, poor a shot, mix your favorite juice, add the stick and “Voilà!", you have a clean, zero calorie energy drink!

We know a ZERO calorie energy drink seems unheard of. But it’s as amazing as it seems, and works better than one would imagine!

What does pureLYFT entail you might ask? Well, it's your lucky day, because your energy got a little bit cleaner. The benefits are:

  • 0 Calories (yeah, we said it, 0)
  • All-natural
  • No high fructose corn syrup (which is in a majority of energy drinks)
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • No preservatives
  • Vegan
  • Made in the USA
  • Non-GMO

The Next time you go to exercise, really think about what should be put into your body. A quick little espresso shot? Energy drinks? Energy bar? ALL WRONG! #getLYFTed with pureLYFT, the all-natural clean caffeine stick.

Every college campus is beautiful and provides an excellent environment to roam around. So why not grab a stick, put it in your water, and go have an adventurous, energetic day, with no midday crashes or bloated. Leave yourself feeling like a natural star while you #getLYFTed.

If you are interested in pureLYFT for your next big study session, you can purchase a pureLYFT 6-pack or 24-pack today!

Blog post written by Mackenzie McMahon, Brand Ambassador for pureLYFT.