Staying Laser-Focused at the Tables with pureLYFT™

Bill FlemingOct 26, 2017
Staying Laser-Focused at the Tables with pureLYFT™

The Anticipation:

I’m getting ready for the annual trip to Vegas with the guys, and I’m already giddy about that first roll of the dice. Two subtle taps of the table and release … ahhh, my happy place. How many times over the past month have I visualized that thirty minute plus roll? You have no idea! I’m just a simple guy who loves his craps and absolutely loves the Vegas action.

There is a slight change of plans for this year’s venture. This year, we are heading out during the World Series of Poker, rather than our normal time during football season. It should be amazing to check out the event and see how large it has grown to become over the years. Hopefully, we’ll be watching our childhood friend advance through one of the many mini satellite tournaments – leading to the main tourney in July.

Touch Down:

Does it get any better than the views of Mandalay Bay and the strip as you touch down at McCarren? What new hotels and properties will there be to visit this year? I can’t wait to find out.

This trip, more so than any other getaway, requires “staying power” and all the energy the boys and I can muscle up. In past trips to Vegas, I have to admit losing steam around 11pm – east coast jetlag – just as the casino vibe was starting to hit its peak. Well, this time, I am covered for any occasion. Leaving the house, I grabbed two 24-packs of pureLYFT™ Energy Stir Sticks. These stylish sticks are filled with all-natural caffeine and go perfectly in any cocktail. After all, I don’t want to be drinking coffee at the tables!

With my travel bag full of pureLYFT™, I am ready for all occasions; a nice pureLYFTed Vodka soda on the flight out to start the celebration, a pureLYFTed bottled water for the morning run to sweat out the previous night’s toxins, and several sticks to pass around at the poolside cabana. Not to mention, we’ll be needing that all-important energy for our sessions at the tables.

I’ve come to trust these little gems as a potent, refreshing, and clean all-natural caffeine high that keeps me alert and focused for hours. On this trip, I’ll need it. I’m committed to alertness for all of the action at the tables, as well as trying to keep up with the speed and knowledge of the craps dealers. I’m always in awe of how well they do their jobs.


Game on! I’m at the pool and envisioning getting through the first afternoon at the tables. The pool session left me with just a mild sunburn. After a pureLYFT™ infused beverage, I’m energized and ready to pick that first table.

There is definitely an art to entering a craps game. Do I wait until the shooter makes the point? Until he or she rolls a seven? How loud and energized is the table? As we study each felted oval, I’m trying to gauge the recent success or failures of the players. It is an art to choose the right table!

Yes, this is the table! The crew and I take over a nice corner section, and we settle in for the long haul. The annual ritual of assigning “nicknames” to the rest of the patrons at the table begins, and we start strategically placing our bets. Is it going to be a “5 and 9” type of start – how about the hardways… just have to wait and see.

I have my pureLYFT™ sticks tucked into my shirt pocket for convenience, which is almost always a conversation starter for anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to try the product. “What is that?” I explain it is clean, all-natural caffeine that goes in any drink. “Oh, cool… we want one!” The couple from Vancouver has officially been pureLYFTed.

I explain how I usually start with a bottle of water and simply drop my all-natural caffeine stir stick into it. I shake it up and drink it down, and I am all set for the next 3-4 hours. All three of us do this at the same time, and shortly thereafter, we are feeling a comfortable alertness, awake and focused. We are ready for whatever happens next. The couple notes the clean taste, and I comment how it doesn’t have any of that sugary, high calorie additives – only clean caffeine. Just like that, the dice are passed over twice, and it’s our turn – here we go!

Ha! First roll is a 7, and the crew and I – and our Canadian friends – are off and running.

No Time for Crashing. pureLYFT™ Powers Us:

We survived the first night at the tables. Not just survived, all of us made a few bucks, and we are feeling great. But, we are only here for a few days and don’t want to miss any of the action Vegas has to offer.   We have a great dinner and then are off to check out the Rio and the beginning of the World Series of Poker. I need to deliver some pureLYFT™ to the rest of our crew watching and playing poker. I grab a water bottle heading out of the hotel and prime it with my final pureLYFT™ stir stick of the evening. It is so much better than downing cup after cup of coffee. My stomach and breath thank me.

I have been a huge fan of the WSOP for years. It is amazing to see all of the mini tourneys and qualifiers that players need to maneuver through for the big chance at that final table. It’s very impressive. I catch a glimpse through the poker room to the casino floor at the craps area – just calling our names. Here we go again!

It starts all over – the euphoria, the focus, the dealers, the hard four that was just made. I’m so glad I had a pureLYFT™ energy stick. Feeling great. Oh man, I love this place.

pureLYFT™ is THE alternative to a tall cup of coffee and the artificially flavored, sugar laden energy drinks on the market today. It is compact and portable, and has a clean, neutral taste with just a hint of sweetness. pureLYFT™ is enriched with vitamins A and B complex and allows you to add a pre-measured portion of Clean Caffeine® to your beverage of choice. Try pureLYFT™ today!