Studying Made Easy

purelyft AdminOct 26, 2017
Studying Made Easy

How many times have you showed up to a midterm not prepared? How many times do you wish you could take back watching those four episodes on Netflix last night and dedicate that time to studying? Preparing for midterms in each demanding class during a week or two periods can pile a heavy load of stress. With some of our studying tips we can aid you in getting on track to #getLYFTed as well as achieving the ever wanting A+!

Study Habits

From years of experience, including trial and error, I have come to learn there are a few study habit assumptions, students believe will lead them on path to earn their A. Unfortunately, more times than not, this will conclude in the opposite outcome.

  • The number one mistake students make is not leaving an adequate amount of time to study. Procrastination is a college student’s worst enemy and their biggest temptation. It is imperative for students do not wait till the night before to prepare for any exam, especially those dreaded cumulative midterms.
  • In relation to preparing adequately days in advance, this second assumption should be easy to conquer. Many of times, students think they are doing themselves justice in staying up till 3,4, even 5am cramming. This is not the case. In order to have an adequate amount of time in REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, students should receive at least 7-8 hours of sleep the night before an exam.
  • Frequently, students think they must be alone when studying. This may be the case for some students, while others, including myself find self motivation in walking to the library or sitting a table with a friend when hitting the books for a couple hours. Having a friend by your side to take a snack break with or push yourself to stay an extra hour longer can be a significant aid in finding study habits that work best for you.

Places To Go

Once you have swallowed the workload ahead of you for the midterm weeks to come including an outlined plan on smart study habits for yourself, where should you go?

  • Going to a school such as Indiana University, which has around 40,000 students, it is paramount that the campus holds more than one library. My advice to you, would to be venture to those smaller libraries on campus. Most times than not, there will be one closer to home verses walking to the main library in the middle of campus. Smaller libraries will provide an environment with limited distractions, plenty of space, and the perfect environment to center you in the study mode.


  • Secondly, an Indiana University favorite study spot is the Indiana Memorial Union. Similar to many campuses’ nation wide it is located central in campus and is the utmost relaxing spot to go and get some assignments & studying done! Unions on campus usually consist of countless rooms of comfy couches, chairs, and tables residing in formal rooms accompanied by large windows and maybe even a fireplace. Whether it is fall and you can look out the windows to see the colorful leaves falling from the trees, or its wintertime and you want to sit and watch the snowfall, Unions are a timeless and beloved location to study on any campus.

What To Bring

So now you have collected the best study habits in your mind, you have plan on where you are going to go, what do you need to bring? Besides knowing to bring your books, as well as your tablet or Ipad, there are a few items some students may not think to bring that could be helpful.

  • Notecards: These are a perfect item to keep in a small pocket of your backpack to allow you to really memorize tough facts and definitions. If you don’t have notecards, carrying sticky notes as well as page markers are helpful tools to use.
  • Healthy snacks: This is what I like to call fuel for the brain. Carrying small snacks such as almonds, granola bars, an apple, or even a small piece of dark chocolate can keep your focus so you may stay alert while not having to worry about your stomach growling in the quiet library.
  • pureLYFT: One of the most important items to not forget on your way to study for an exam is our CLEAN CAFFEINE all natural energy stir stick. pureLYFT will go perfectly with any beverage you like to sip on whether it is Gatorade, soda, water, and even coffee if you need a little extra boost. Carrying the compact pureLYFT stir stick in a small pocket of your backpack can be apart of your caffeine routine on your way to study.

Happy midterms season and remember to stay LYFTed!

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Blog post written by Katie Barron, Brand Ambassador for pureLYFT.