Sustain Your Energy While On The Go

purelyft AdminOct 26, 2017
Sustain Your Energy While On The Go

Welcome back from another amazing Spring Break. This is Erik, one of the founders of pureLYFT. It seems like everyone was off the last two weeks of March and now it is time to get back to normalcy.

Is your “normalcy” like mine? Late nights and early flights?

I’m not sure which can be more tiring – traveling with your family for the holidays, or traveling on a whirlwind business trip.

My quick business trip story from last week. Once I land, like a lot of people, I look for the next caffeine fix to keep me alert. But as the founder of pureLYFT, not only do I keep a ready supply of pureLYFT all-natural stir sticks for myself, I get to introduce pureLYFT to unsuspecting new potential customers at the airport every time I travel. I just hand them a stylish pureLYFT stick and encourage them to give it a try in their favorite beverage usually it is a bottle of water they are drinking).

Since it is baseball season, I’ll borrow a cliché and state that every single time, it is a HOME RUN with the new convert!  I am batting 1000% this summer as every single person who has tried pureLYFT has loved it. And for good reason – zero calories, pleasant neutral taste, all-natural with 3-4 hours of clean energy, and stylish packaging!


Now my quick summer family travel story. Traveling with my wife and three kids over the summer to my homeland of Norway was incredible.  We took the night flight over, and no one obtained quality sleep. But the expectation for a full day of go-go-go upon arrival was front and center. The first day I grabbed a water bottle at the newsstand and dropped in my pureLYFT stick. In 15 minutes I was alert, energetic and ready to take on the busy schedule we had in store. What jet lag?!?

There is no replacing an early morning coffee, but after one cup I am ready for a change. So when traveling is exhausting, I encourage you to let pureLYFT help you stay productive with its all-natural caffeine. You can enjoy it with your favorite refreshing and hydrating beverage.

Wishing you great family outings and productive business trips. And with a pureLYFT travel pack in tow, there is always energy to accomplish everything on your list…and then some!

Until the next time, Erik