The Ultimate Gift Guide for College Students

Bill FlemingDec 19, 2018
Presents for college kids

The Ultimate Gift Guide for College Students

By: Austin Goodwin 
University of Alabama, pureLYFT Brand Ambassador



  1. Concert Tickets
    Spring concerts are right around the corner, and every college student is passionate about one band or artist. Gifting them tickets to a concert near their college or on a weekend where they can travel guarantees a memorable experience.

 Steel Straws

  1. Stainless Steel Straws

Being #ecofriendly is cool now, which is great for the earth and for being trendy. Stainless steel straws are an excellent reusable alternative to plastic straws for the environmentally conscious.  

DNA test

  1. Genetic/Ancestry Testing Kits

Who wouldn’t want to know what their ethnic ratios and genetics are? It’s like having a sci-fi movie in your hands, and many companies that do these tests offer great deals around the holidays.


  1. Pay for Hulu/Netflix for a Year

Come in from class. Crash on the bed. Watch Netflix or Hulu. This is the narrative of so many college students, so why not provide them with their much-needed luxury time before they begin studying.

Yankee Candle

  1. Yankee Candles

There’s nothing more stress relieving than a great-smelling candle. Especially a huge candle. Yankee is arguably the best on the market, with endless scents.

Weighted blanket

  1. Weighted Blanket/Plush Blanket

The winter months are for napping, and nothing ensures a great nap like a cozy blanket.

Hot chocolate with caffeine

  1. pureLYFT Energized Hot Cocoa

There’s no doubt college students are the craziest about their caffeine consumption. Get them a clean alternative to empty energy drinks, with energy that still packs a punch all in a warm cup of cocoa.

 oil diffuser

  1. Essential Oil Diffuser

Everyone deals with stress in different ways, and college students want to try every way possible. Aromatherapy is a classic solution that has been modernized through essential oil diffusers, with endless scents and effects.

bath caddy

  1. Bath Caddy

Bath tub. Epsom salts. Bubbles. All that’s missing is a glass of wine and a laptop for Netflix. A bath caddy makes a good bath great.

instant printer

  1. Instant Phone Photo Printer

Yes, college students live on their phones, but there’s something incredibly sentimental about getting to hold a physical picture of an amazing friend or memory. Instant printers allow the user to print pictures directly from their phones.

easy recipes

  1. “Recipes Every College Student Should Know”

This book is centered around essential, convenient recipes for the starving college student. Guaranteed to help any skill level of college cook, from Ramen noodles on the stove to beef wellington in the oven.

picture frams

  1. Framed Picture of You and Them

If you’re not into materialistic gifts, buying a nice frame for a college student with a memory you have with them will always be a warm-hearted reminder for when classes get tough.  

 shopifyapple music 

  1. Pay for Spotify/Apple Music

Driving to campus. Studying. Walking to class. Eating. Writing. Sleeping. Partying. College students are always streaming music, so taking over their subscriptions for a few months is a greatly appreciated blessing.


  1. Coffee Cup

College is where teenagers become adults, and where most coffee drinkers are born. Nobody can ever have too many coffee cups, especially unique cups that reflect one’s identity.

 bath and body

  1. Bath and Body Works Sets

For the female college student, body washes, fragrances, and lotions are a go-to at Bath and Body Works. For the male college student, B&BW offers an underrated selection of masculine body washes, moisturizers, and colognes. The best part – holiday bundle deals for a variety of prices.

alarm clock

  1. Programmable Alarm Clock

Because college students live by their phone, if something ever happens to it, their entire schedules can be messed up. Don’t let the college student in your life risk oversleeping because they forgot to plug up their dying phone before they fell asleep.

Tide to go

  1. Tide to Go Pens

It’s the day of a presentation and an overly eager college student spills part of their sandwich on their pants. A Tide to Go pen and five minutes and suddenly you are the lifesaver of the semester.


  1. Pay for Amazon Prime for a Year

Whether it’s for impulse buying or class materials, Amazon Prime is clutch for any avid online shopper (aka all college students). Multiple people can use an account, so do yourself and a college student a favor for the holidays.

  1. Gift Cards

Starbucks, Chipotle, Target, Walmart, Amazon, and anywhere in-between are great for admitting that you have no idea what a college student would want (assuming you didn’t read this article), but that you know where they shop.


  1. Keurig Compact

If you’ve made it this far in the article, you know that college students love coffee. Keurig compacts can fit in any nook or crevice and paired with pureLYFT, college students will be prepared for any long study session.

Dollar Shave Club

  1. Dollar Shave Club Subscription

College students are usually broke. Guys and girls alike don’t want to pay ridiculous prices for razors. Dollar Shave Club provides quality monthly razors and other essential grooming products for reasonable prices.

 Crushing it

  1. Crushing It! by Gary Vaynerchuk

This book by Gary Vaynerchuk, renowned entrepreneur and branding expert, covers today’s social media outlets and how multiple influencers have shaped their personal brands, providing advice for any college student looking to enhance their own brand.

yeti mug

  1. Yeti Tumbler

Consistency and quality is the reason Yeti is still the leading cooler and tumbler brand, and multiple styling options make it a great gift for a college student who needs a first one or a fifth one.


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