Traveler Alert: pureLYFT Keeps You Energized!

purelyft AdminOct 26, 2017
Traveler Alert: pureLYFT Keeps You Energized!

Travel for work or pleasure can be exhausting…now you have the solution to maintain your energy – pureLYFT!

Travel Planning is a Premium:

Getting ready for a great family vacation…there is a lot of pressure to optimize every hour.   Let’s face it, when you spend the money to take a family of five to see some family and friends, you are planning a lot of activities to make you feel better about how much it is costing you.  It starts with the anxiety of you and or your kids on the flight; will they behave? Work, too, can have that same stress. We have all taken that flight, whether you are going overseas or taking a two-hour trip, where you need to be focused and energetic when you land for that first meeting. I love both vacations and productive work trips. If you do too, you might enjoy these two important types of travel more with the all natural energy of pureLYFT.

Leisure Travel  vs. Business Travel:

I remember my first overnight flight with my kids in tow and it was STRESSFUL.  Not only did my daughter of nine months not sleep at all, I was tying to keep her from ruining everyone else’s chance of some rest in those uncomfortable seats. I walked back and forth into the bathroom while she had some crying moments. Talk about exhaustion when we landed. And there was still the expectation of site seeing and family dinners around the corner. Coffee is a must when you land but after the fist one or two cups, I am done! This is where pureLYFT will take that vacation from a grind to a life changing experience.

Traveling for business can be equally challenging as you typically have meetings the day you land and you need to be on your game. I will traditionally have my one cup of coffee as my body is used to this ritual. Assuming I got a couple of hours of sleep, the energy of one cup of coffee (80mg-150mg of caffeine) will not last long.

What are your next options for energy? I removed soda from my diet years ago, and I am almost always dehydrated after flying, so I really just want to consume water (maybe sparkling for a little pop). Ouila! This is a perfect vehicle for the pureLYFT all natural energy stir stick. Peel down the strip and stir it into any beverage. Everyone will be asking you, “What is that cool, sophisticated sleek stir stick?” It is classy enough for any condition and it will deliver the energy you need to push through all of your meetings.

Science behind the Exhaustion:

There is only so much coffee one can drink for these types of situations.   We created Clean Caffeine to really help deliver the energy while allowing you to hydrate.  Drinking healthier fluids after you fly is one of the most important things you can do as you naturally dehydrate at cabin attitudes. PureLYFT str sticks allow you to drink water or your favorite beverage, but also get “Clean Caffeine” delivered in an innovative way. This has saved me on numerous occasions both for work and when vacationing with the family.

Portability is also paramount in any of these travel situations.   The fact I can carry one, six or twenty-four sticks in a compact case, and have it when I need it, is perfect. You can always find a drink, but not one with all the benefits of adding pureLYFT.   Energize Anything? Yes!!! My favorite is the simple water bottle, but if you want to mix it up in a flavored seltzer, orange juice, Gatorade, or even an Ice Coffee it does the job without taking over the taste of the beverage. So when I am at a meeting, you will likely find me with a pureLYFT stick in my bottle of water hydrating and energizing, with no calories.

The Ah Ha Moment:

One of my favorite things to do, whether on a long business trip or vacation, is eat and drink. There is almost nothing better than closing out a great day at the beach or productive day in the boardroom with a nice cocktail. Just think about taking that favorite drink and elegantly stirring in all natural caffeine and vitamins to get a "lyft" in energy, allowing you to enjoy the rest of the night. PureLYFT delivers the functional benefit you need without an overpowering taste or calories that traditionally came with other energy options. Do you ever cringe when getting on the scale after vacation or a long business trip? When you look at how many calories are in the average cup of coffee (if you are one of the many who don’t drink it black) or sodas, it would make you sick. This is why we need “Clean Caffeine.”

PureLYFT has changed my life as it has provided me the burst of energy I need every day. Work trips or vacation, it is a must pack carry on item. No TSA issues with liquid bottles, just delicious, convenient energy, anytime. If you are interested in trying pureLYFT for your next trip, try a pureLYFT 6-pack or 24-pack today!