What is Clean Caffeine?

purelyft AdminOct 26, 2017
What is Clean Caffeine?

Many popular energy drinks contain an unhealthy, and even dangerous, combination of caffeine, sugar, and a laundry list of ingredients nobody can pronounce. In other words, our bodies have to pay a price for the energy boost. Whether that price is an afternoon energy crash, jitters, cavities, or even heart problems, it’s no secret that these are not healthy beverages.

In fact, after a few hours of shaky energy, we often end up feeling worse than we did before. But there is a better way, and it’s called pureLYFT™.

pureLYFT™ is a portable stir-stick containing 125 mg of dissolvable CLEAN CAFFEINE®. It’s not littered with the after-lag of an energy drink, or the regretful stomach ache of coffee. The idea behind clean caffeine® is that we can get our much-needed energy boost with a few simple ingredients we can all pronounce, without paying the price later. No calories. No cavities. No crash.

A pureLYFT Energy Stir Stick.
(Aaron Houston NJBIZ)

The clean caffeine provided by pureLYFT™ is derived from green coffee bean extract, and is supplemented by Vitamins A & B complex. The ingredient list on the pureLYFT™ label doesn’t have more sugar than a handful of chocolate chip cookies. It’s natural, and it’s clean. The simplicity of the stick is coupled with a clean, neutral taste that can seamlessly dissolve into any drink without changing its taste. So if we’re craving some lemonade, a smoothie, or even a glass of wine, we won’t have to forfeit taste for a few extra hours of energy. It’s the perfect boost for any time of the day.

So next time you need to kick start your morning, don’t have time for an afternoon nap, or need to make it through cocktails after a long day of work, grab a pureLYFT™ stick.  It will give you a boost that won’t knock you back down later.

pureLYFT™ is THE alternative to a tall cup of coffee and the artificially flavored, sugar laden energy drinks on the market today. It is compact and portable, and has a clean, neutral taste with just a hint of sweetness. pureLYFT™ is enriched with vitamins A and B complex and allows you to add a pre-measured portion of Clean Caffeine® to your beverage of choice.

Try pureLYFT™ today!