Social Distancing Fun: 8 Low-Calorie Cocktails to Try During Your Virtual Happy Hour

Bill FlemingMay 9, 2020
Social Distancing Fun: 8 Low-Calorie Cocktails to Try During Your Virtual Happy Hour

Who says we can't be alone together? Right now, the entire country is going through a pandemic and we're all forced to stay away from the ones we love and care about. Still, that doesn't mean we have to stop having fun with friends.

Thanks to programs like Zoom, people are having social gatherings remotely. Imagine a happy hour online! And what is a party with friends without a few great cocktails?

If you're trying to stay healthy but still want to enjoy a drink with your friends, check out our suggestions for great low-calorie cocktails.

1. Gin and Tonic (148 Calories)

One of the all-time classics, this is a refreshing number and one of the healthiest cocktails on the list. Not to mention, it's also very easy to make.

The recipe is in the name and it's easy to see why this one is as slim as it is. As they say, sometimes less is more

Tonic water is approximately 10 calories per ounce so use that margin to pair it with some high-quality gin, if that's your drink of choice. 

Of course, this can always be switched out for vodka. There would be little to no change if that's your preference 

2. Salty Chihuahua (188 Calories)

  • Coarse salt (As needed)
  • 4oz tequila 
  • 2oz orange liqueur (of choice)
  • 3 cups of grapefruit juice
  • 4 slices of grapefruit for garnish

Remember, this is for four servings. So each serving would technically get 1oz of tequila and .5oz of the liqueur, for example.

This citrus-heavy recipe is towards the more calorie-heavy end of this list but with good reason. It isn't a syrupy drink, but it gets much of its calorie count from the fruit and the orange liqueur.

Next come the grapefruit and tequila. You mix the tequila and liqueur and then top with the fruit juice. Add salt to the glass rim just like you would with a margarita.

3. Moscow Mule (182 Calories)

This drink is one that anyone will recognize since the copper mug is one of the most iconic pieces of drinkware at this point. 

This is another fairly simple recipe that creates a delicious and low-calorie cocktail. The Moscow Mule contains vodka, ginger beer, lime juice and a lime wedge for garnish.

There have been a lot of recipe alterations that use ginger ale instead.

To keep the traditional drink accurate, it must be made with ginger beer, the spicy bite of the ginger paired with the tang and sweetness of the lime is what has made this beverage the icon it is and such a hit when it comes to the skinny drinks.

4. Rosemary Lemon Spritzer

This one is actually a pureLYFT original. The recipe was made a couple of years ago, was a hit, and would be perfect for this situation. It features gin alongside lemonade and lime with a hint of rosemary. 

It has the added benefit of the pureLYFT vitamin supplement, too. Check the link above for the full recipe.

As a side note, check the recipe for the Cranberry Spritzer if you enjoy this one!

5. Shandy (252 Calories)

The calorie jump, while not huge, comes first from the fact that the base on this cocktail is beer. Most types of beer are loaded with calories.

This recipe is fairly straight-forward. The beer is mixed with a serving of seltzer, a couple of spoons of limeade, and garnished with lemon wedges. 

A variant replaces the seltzer and limeade with ginger ale instead. You decide!

But if you really want a suggestion? Go with the lime.

6. Layered Strawberry-Mango Margaritas (251 Calories)

The name is deceptive since it has far fewer calories than it sounds like it would. The flavor profile here is fresh and light enough to take anyone out of the slump we may find ourselves in and for only 251 calories!

This one is part of a collection of skinny drinks, very much like something you would find in a restaurant with a healthier take on the recipe.

7. Cranberry Gin Martini (210 Calories)

Just barely making it to the list is a classy take on a great gin martini. As suggested by the name, it is quality gin mixed with cranberry juice and a dash of bitters. 

After the drink is poured, the glass is garnished with a spiral of orange. 

Just because you have to stay in and maintain social distance protocols doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style and sophistication. This delicious cocktail shows your friends that you are still an individual with esteem and style.

8. Kahlua Cocoa (250 calories)

If there is a need for something other than the fruity cocktails out there, this would be it! Everyone loves a good chocolate milk or hot chocolate, but sometimes we need to have that little something extra.

That's where this recipe comes in.

It starts with homemade cocoa ending with Kahlua, though you can add other additions depending on your preferences.

  • 1 tablespoon brown sugar
  • 1 tablespoon cocoa powder
  • 1 tablespoon Kahlua
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 3/4 cup 1% milk

As you can see, the base recipe uses Kahlua, but it can easily be switched out for a selection of other liquors that are well suited to mix with cocoa. It's a flexible recipe made to fit any situation or holiday.

Because it's homemade and not premixed, it's easy to make adjustments if making more than one drink.

Healthier Low-Calorie Cocktails to Live It Up

Even when we're apart, we can find ways to come together thanks to technology. So make a drink and start a video chat with your friends to enjoy a virtual happy hour.

These recipes show that you don't have to break the scale just to enjoy some time with friends. You have the option of low-calorie cocktails that aren't lacking on flavor!

Enjoyed our spritzer recipe? Find more recipes and articles at our resource center and pick up some supplements at our store to stay healthy during these tough times!